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Who created ExoticsHelp?
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Dr Kevin Turner BVSc with a friendly

Scarlet Macaw

After graduating from Massey University in 1996 and working in our industry for 10 years or so, I became frustrated at my lack of ability to get the best outcomes for ALL of the pets I was seeing.  During several years of intensive retraining, I founded New Zealand's first privately owned referral centre for exotic pets.  Twelve years on I had been fortunate enough to be able to help thousands of patients from dozens of unusual species.

But so many more were never going to be able to travel to get the care they needed.  It is this need that exoticshelp was designed to fill.  


After working with many vets in general practice, we have been able to develop a system to put expert level care into any veterinary practice.  With exoticshelp, you have the support you need to diagnose better, treat better and get better outcomes.


Your clients will thank you for valuing their unusual pets as much as they do.

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